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2023-12-16 11:49am

Notice: The Flying Blind Group will be open at the regular time on Christmas day.
Meeting details here.

2023-12-13 8:49am

Notice: The Inner Nature Group will be open at the regular time on Christmas and New Years days.
Meeting details here.

2023-12-09 3:40pm

The District meeting, held the 3rd Monday of every month, is now in person.
Details for attending here.

2023-12-09 3:35pm

The Meeting ID for The Open Door (Mondays 6:30pm-7:30pm) has changed to 868 0318 9601
You can use this link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86803189601

Meeting details here.

2023-12-03 10:02am

The Grapevine Group listing has been updated to indicate the meeting is child friendly. Meeting details here.

2023-12-03 10:00am

Notice: The Elora 12 Step Women's Group has closed due to insufficient attendance.

2023-11-26 8:23am

Acceptance Group Christmas Potluck December 15th. Details here.

2023-11-21 9:49am

Liberty Group 51st Anniversary meeting December 30th. Details here.

2023-11-14 7:45pm

Inner Nature Group birthday meeting November 27th. Details here.

2023-10-17 5:02pm

Inner Nature Group birthday meeting November 6th. Details here.

2023-09-08 9:43am

District 3 Roundup - It Works, It Really Does - September 23rd - First Baptist Church - details here.

2023-08-10 11:58am

Our website is now even more accessible!
One Click Accessibility software has been installed to help even more users navigate our site effectively.
You will now see an image of a little person that gives you access to a new accessibility menu:

2023-07-01 10:14am

The Friday New Life Discussion meeting has been discontinued.

2023-06-14 10:00am

The Tuesday Inner Nature Zoom meeting has been discontinued.

2023-05-28 11:54pm

Faith, Hope, & Charity Zoom meeting has changed from Saturday to Sunday. Details here.

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