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2023-09-30 8:21pm

Liberty Group birthday meeting October 28th. Details here.

2023-09-19 9:03am

Heritage Group birthday meeting September 28th. Details here.

2023-09-08 9:43am

District 3 Roundup - It Works, It Really Does - September 23rd - First Baptist Church - details here.

2023-08-10 12:43pm

Arthur Group birthday meeting August 21st. Details here.

2023-08-10 11:58am

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2023-07-20 12:57pm

New Meeting! Elora 12 Step Women's Group Details here.

2023-07-18 10:16am

Inner Nature Group birthday meeting August 21st. Details here.

2023-07-18 10:16am

As Bill Sees It birthday meeting July 26th. Details here.

2023-07-01 10:14am

The Friday New Life Discussion meeting has been discontinued.

2023-06-21 8:57am

As Bill Sees It birthday meeting. Details here.

2023-06-20 8:47am

Bad Boys Group birthday meeting celebrating 3 sobriety milestones. Details here.

2023-06-14 10:00am

The Tuesday Inner Nature Zoom meeting has been discontinued.

2023-06-01 9:50am

AA Women's Courage to Change Birthday Meeting celebrating Karen F's 10 years. Details here.

2023-05-28 11:54pm

Faith, Hope, & Charity Zoom meeting has changed from Saturday to Sunday. Details here.

2023-05-12 9:37pm

AA Women's Courage to Change Birthday Meeting celebrating Sheila M's 37 years. Details here.

2023-05-12 9:59am

New meeting: Meeting in the Park. Details here.

2023-05-08 11:17am

New monthly meeting of the District Special Events Committee on Zoom. Details here.

2023-04-05 9:04pm

New Event: The New Celebration of Life Group Birthday Meeting. Details here.

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